70 CEOs and labor unions releasing a joint statement calling for the U.S. to remain in the Paris Agreement.

Amazon, Facebook, and other big U.S. tech companies afraid of Trump and/or keeping commitments to the environment, did not sign the statement.

Jon Fingas, via Engadget »

The CEOs of many companies, including tech giants like Apple, Adobe, Google, HP, Microsoft and Tesla, have signed a United For The Paris Agreement letter calling on the US to remain part of the effort to keep climate change in check. They argued that the international pact would “strengthen [US] competitiveness” by helping it lead the way in technologies that will usher in an eco-friendly future. It also sets “clear goals” that help with planning and spur innovation, the companies said.


The letter isn’t a binding commitment, and it’s unlikely to persuade a White House that has both ignored and tried to censor climate science. Nonetheless, it makes clear where numerous companies stand — and might pressure holdouts into changing their tune, if just for the sake of a better public image.

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